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If you’re weighing the benefits of litigating or mediating your divorce, you should know you are not alone.  With the ever increasing costs of litigation, parties are turning to mediation as a tool to swiftly and efficiently resolve their divorce.   Family Law Mediation is a process where the parties work with a neutral 3rd party (mediator) specially trained to help the parties reach an agreement in their divorce.  The mediator not only facilitates communication to help the parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement, but also provides the parties with procedural guidance through the divorce process by drafting documents when necessary such as the summons, complaint, and even the actual separation agreement.

There are many benefits of using a mediator opposed to having each party retain their own counsel for litigation. Some of these benefits include:

Reduced Costs

Unlike litigation which may require high upfront retainers, the mediation process may allow you to pay as go, or provide a smaller upfront retainer to work with a mediator.

Reduced Stress on Children

Litigating a divorce action can wear heavily on children. The longer the litigation, the heavier the stress on the children. Mediation usually streamlines the process of the divorce and allows the parties to work amicably towards resolving their divorce while minimizing the stress on the family. 



When litigating your case, your most private and personal matters are argued in open court. The mediation process allows parties to reach an agreement in the privacy of the office of a Mediator. If the process is successful,  the parties usually only appear in court for standard status updates to the court, and the final dissolution hearing.

At the Chalumeau Law Group, LLC we believe the best mediators are individuals who’ve both litigated and mediated divorce actions.  We can provide our client’s with a unique perspective of the pros and cons of each individual’s divorce process and suggest reasonable alternatives.

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